Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm In The Process of Becoming........

I really like learning about the Law of Attraction.  I believe it works.  My favorite teacher on this subject is Michael Losier.  His explanation of how it works is simple but goes further in explanation than The Secret.
He says that the Law of Attraction is always in motion and that we attract what we vibrate.  Yes, even the negative.  You may be saying, but I didn't want that in my life, why would I be attracting something so negative?  Well, according to Michael it's the vibration that you are sending out.  If you constantly observe negative people, negative events, negative news on tv, then you are attracting what your are observing.  There are ways to turn that around.  Check out his website to learn more.  I think you will be quite fascinated when you put his theory to test.  He also has worksheets that you can download to help you clarify what you want to attract into your life.  You can get his worksheets here, You can also hear Michael on his own radio show on Oprah Radio.  You can browse the archive of shows and listen here.   Allowing is the key.

One of my favorite sayings from Michael Losier is, "I"m in the process of becoming."  The purpose of that statement is to put out a positive vibration for what you want to become.  For instance,  just stating an affirmation is not enough.  I could say, I am a photographer.  But if I lacked any belief or confidence in that statement subconsciously, then I would be undermining my affirmation.  The doubt would cancel out the statement because my mind tells me it's not a true statement, even though I go around snapping photos and tell people I'm a photographer.  Now, to make the same statement in a different way to where the mind analyzes it as a truth,  I would say, I am in the process of becoming a photographer.  There is possibility in that statement, it is a truth, therefore the mind allows that positive vibration and I will attract things to help me become a photographer.  Allowing is the key to attracting what you want.

"Observing what you DON'T like or DON'T want causes you to attract more of it. " ~ Michael Losier~

What are you in the process of becoming? 

What is it that you've been observing and focusing your attention on?


  1. I learned the truth of this when I lived on the side of a mountain. Some days I forget it when I let my guard down. I try to remember that the sun is shining even when I cannot see it. I attract more Light than its opposite. Reminders like this are like booster shots. Thank you. :)

  2. Oh, and I like the song from Dream Girls that reminds me that "I am changing." Change is good.